Open Source GPS Tracking System

This application allows to use Android phones and mobile phones with J2ME support as mobile trackers.
Users can use phones with internal GPS as well as with external device via Bluetooth.

Also some models of phones may use cell information for defining location through www.OpenCellID.org and www.CellDB.org open databases.

How does it work

  1. User creates an account on the site.
  2. Downloads mobile application to his phone.
  3. Launches the mobile apllication and starts it to track.
  4. Takes a trip.
  5. Goes to the site and sees geo details of his trip.

Try it here: www.wannatrak.com


Wannatrak consists of 4 modules. All of them are written in Java.

  • GWT rich web interface
  • J2ME tracker
  • Web RESTful API for GPS data input. Reference
  • EJB back-end (tested under JBoss 4.2.2.GA with MySQL 5.0 and PostgreSQL 8.3)

Android application is a separate project hosted here.

How to receive the source code

You can browse the source code of the Wannatrak here.

Or find in on https://github.com/halls/wannatrak

To start develop in 15 minutes please read our Tutorial.

To get source code of Android application execute the following:

svn checkout http://wannatrak.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/


If you need some custom tracking IPhone/Android application
you can contact to with your details.


Wannatrak is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

There is no warranty for this program.

But if you are interested in a commercial support, please send your request to

Latest news

Wannatrak: Remove method added in RESTful API
Remove method added in RESTful API
Added by Andrey Khalzov 2950 days ago

Wannatrak Interfaces: Wannatrak Interfaces started
Programming Interfaces for GPS tracking systems have been separated in single project.
Added by Andrey Khalzov 3499 days ago

Wannatrak Testing Tools: Wannatrak Testing Tools started
New project started aimed to cover GPS Tracking servers testing needs.
Added by Andrey Khalzov 3499 days ago

Wannatrak: Defining location by Cell ID
Defining location by Cell ID if GPS is unavailable
Added by Andrey Khalzov 3554 days ago

Wannatrak: Web RESTful API for GPS data input
Web RESTful API for GPS data input added
Added by Andrey Khalzov 3592 days ago

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Latest projects

  • Wannatrak Interfaces (12/13/2009 07:31 PM)

    Programming Interfaces for GPS Tracking Systems.

  • Wannatrak Testing Tools (12/13/2009 12:29 PM)

    Tools for GPS Tracking Systems Testing.

    If you have your own tracking application and you are going to increase a number of reporting devices significantly, please contact us .

    We are able to implement a testing solution for you in the shortest terms.

  • Wannatrak (05/03/2009 07:14 PM)

    Open Source GPS Tracking System.

    It allows to use mobile phones with J2ME support as mobile trackers and see its tracks on Google Maps online.

    It also has a web RESTful API for GPS data input.