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06:52 PM Wannatrak Feature #71: Add some Mobile Screenshots to Web UI


01:27 PM Wannatrak Improvement #70: Remember "show with noises" checkbox
Using cookies remember this ckeckbox in the user browser. Have user logged in or not do not important.


04:43 PM Wannatrak Improvement #69: "Close" menu naming
In mobile client replace "Close" maps menu name with "Close map". In russian version replace "Закрыть" with "Закрыть карту" accordingly.
04:40 PM Wannatrak Feature #68: Add ability to pause tracking
Once you pressed pause (stop) tracking button it becomes start button.


04:02 PM Wannatrak Bug #67: J2ME client losts server or makes redundant vibration
On Nokia 6120 mobile client losts server, while coordinates window works ok (shows all data). I've noticed that internet periodically goes down. The 3G connection becomes inactive. A few seconds later internet restored, but wannatrak does not fin...


08:31 PM Wannatrak Improvement #66: Possible way to determine noises
If a coordinate acceleration exceeds some value (for e.g. 20 or 30 m/s) it can be marked as noisy. But we have to think about bungee jumpers who like wannatrak so much that are ready to jump bridge etc. with wannatrak.
08:23 PM Wannatrak Feature #65: Continue interrupted track
In case connection with server is lost you can draw a line to show what is your route should be. I suppose user drawn line must different from device-tracked one. That anyone who see it, even a newbie, can definitely determine the original trac...


05:27 PM Wannatrak Wiki edit: Developers_Tutorial_15_minutes_start_guide (#13)
05:24 PM Wannatrak Wiki edit: Developers_Tutorial_15_minutes_start_guide (#12)


08:38 PM Wannatrak Wiki edit: Developers_Tutorial_15_minutes_start_guide (#2)

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