Feature #43

Distance measurement

Added by Anton Sinyagovsky 3647 days ago. Updated 3593 days ago.

Status:Open Start:05/28/2009
Priority:Minor Due date:
Assigned to:Andrey Khalzov % Done:


Target version:-



Web UI improvement. First click on red trace means start point, second one means end point.
As a result we get message with distance betweet these points.

List of possible problems (not complete):
  • small noises (interpolation needed);
  • large noises (can be ignored);
  • short signal losses during one trip (as a way to solve - make a special setting "measure distance even signal lost");
  • various trips (various days or sessions).


Updated by Andrey Khalzov 3641 days ago

  • Priority changed from Major to Minor

Updated by Andrey Khalzov 3593 days ago

  • Stream set to Tracking

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