Improvement #55

Notify user when connection is lost

Added by Anton Sinyagovsky 3595 days ago. Updated 3593 days ago.

Status:Open Start:07/19/2009
Priority:Minor Due date:
Assigned to:Andrey Khalzov % Done:


Target version:-

Mobile platforms


When bluetooth connection is lost show message with detailed problem description. Then start beeping, lighting, vibration etc. When user read the description, he will press OK (Cancel or other button). It means that he read message and understood it. Then beeping should be stopped.


Updated by Andrey Khalzov 3594 days ago

  • Target version deleted (0.91)

Updated by Andrey Khalzov 3593 days ago

  • Stream set to Misc

Updated by Andrey Khalzov 3593 days ago

  • Stream changed from Misc to Mobile platforms

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