Bug #67

J2ME client losts server or makes redundant vibration

Added by Anton Sinyagovsky 3485 days ago. Updated 2860 days ago.

Status:Closed Start:10/02/2009
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Target version:0.92 Estimated time:3.00 hours


Mobile platforms


On Nokia 6120 mobile client losts server, while coordinates window works ok (shows all data).
I've noticed that internet periodically goes down. The 3G connection becomes inactive. A few seconds later internet restored, but wannatrak does not find it and continue to vibrate.

The second bug is that wannatrak vibrates for a second in approx. two minutes. It does not display any errors, but in fact it lost GPS device - coordinates window says there is no data. This bug is not very often - today I met it two times only.

Another bug. When application just have started it makes a small vibration (staus is "tracking not possible") and after it status changes to "tracking".


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