Wannatrak: Remove method added in RESTful API

Added by Andrey Khalzov 2950 days ago

Wannatrak Interfaces: Wannatrak Interfaces started

Added by Andrey Khalzov 3499 days ago

GPS data has been generalized.

Wannatrak Testing Tools: Wannatrak Testing Tools started

Added by Andrey Khalzov 3499 days ago

This project intended to cover needs in customized testing tools for testing and development GPS tracking systems.
Now it consists of four general modules:
  1. Generator provides GPS data in form of simple interface by predefined algorythm.
  2. Encoder emulates device specific packet encoding, now it doesn't consist any real device encoding implementation but it can be developed fast for any customer needs.
  3. Client intended to provide access to tracking server via tcp, udp or any other custom protocol implementations.
  4. Simulator combines first three modules, runs simulation and gathers statistics.

Wannatrak: Defining location by Cell ID

Added by Andrey Khalzov 3554 days ago

Added feature of defining location by Cell ID to J2ME client.
It was tested and works on some Sony Ericsson and Motorola phones.

J2ME client can as well define location by and as post new cellid data to these databases since 0.92.05 version.

Wannatrak: Web RESTful API for GPS data input

Added by Andrey Khalzov 3592 days ago

Written on JBoss RESTeasy it allows you to write you own mobile application for posting GPS data to Wannatrak.

Wannatrak: Developers tutorial

Added by Andrey Khalzov 3598 days ago

Wannatrak: 0.91 I18n release

Added by Andrey Khalzov 3617 days ago

Release notes

0.91 version was released today.

The main features are:
  • Improved date pick component (with using GWT date picker from GWT 1.7)
  • Google static maps in J2ME client
  • Build process full automatization by Maven (Tutorial is under construction)

Wannatrak: 0.901 beta

Added by Andrey Khalzov 3692 days ago

Release notes

The main feature is "Remind password".

Also application was tested with PostgreSQL 8.3. is running on postgre now.

Wannatrak: Email notifications

Added by Redmine Admin 3726 days ago

SMTP configured successfully.

Wannatrak: Repository viewer

Added by Redmine Admin 3726 days ago

Bazaar repository viewer configured succesfully

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